You can be one of the most successful aesthetic practices in the world and you have all the insights you need to do this, right at your fingertips: the most sophisticated and forward-thinking businesses recognize the various applications for patient surveying. Do you wonder about the first impression a new patient will have at your clinic? What products or treatments are your patients learning or reading about? Surveying helps you maintain your relevance as a top aesthetic provider. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the top advantages of patient satisfaction surveys.

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Collect patient feedback.

At minimum, every aesthetic practice should consider whether they are making their patients happy. The mere existence of a follow-up satisfaction survey suggests you care very much about the experience you impart. All patients want to be heard; we all want our feedback to count and be valued.

Set priorities: evaluate and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Survey results will help you qualify and quantify how your practice and team perform. Feedback will offer insights into your overall service. Trends in responses will highlight both star players and areas of opportunity—a.k.a. holes or weaknesses—to help you and your team problem solve. Simply put: surveying will highlight what stands out to your patients. Understanding patients’ perception of your service will empower a forward-thinking team and influence priorities.

Anticipate needs, interests and trends.

The moment you relax is the moment you lose the game. Being “the best” requires constant effort and foresight. Establish or maintain your advantage by leveraging the interests and curiosities of your patient “scouts.” This important pool will help you spot upcoming trends. Likewise, your patients’ feedback will help you adapt and evolve service elements around their needs and preferences.

Satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

As we highlighted earlier, a simple, active survey will be encouraging to patients, nevermind the impact of your actions as you analyze the data you collect. Your patients’ satisfaction is what keeps you in business. Like in any relationship, strides to listen, recognize and execute will create very real and strong loyalty.

Benchmark and monitor your progress.

Measured continuously over time, survey results can and should highlight positive changes. You should always have at least one dynamic patient satisfaction survey in place. An advanced practice would consider a unique survey for new consults, to evaluate first impressions, as well as one for existing patients, to evaluate ongoing service and satisfaction.

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