How can your business evolve to stay relevant in these uncertain times?

We know these are especially challenging, confusing times for anyone running an independent business or brand. We’ve had many questions over the past few weeks from brands and clients wondering how to pivot, grow, and keep momentum (and faith!) over the coming months.

Each marketing strategy and business landscape is different, but we’ve compiled some great tips to help you sift through the noise. Let’s refocus to find a strategy that allows your brand to grow, balance, and thrive.

We truly believe that these insights apply to any sector, business, or individual.

Here’s Part One of our collection of tools to survive and thrive.

1. Stay connected with your clients and your community.

Radio silence is not your friend right now, we promise!

Even if you’ve had to close your physical location or run a business that can’t be accessed during this time, it’s still important to stay active on social platforms and mailing lists. When clients or followers don’t hear anything from you, they may assume you’re closing shop for good or (worse!) forget about you.

Communicate with your clients. If you need longer to respond to client inquiries or orders, people will be a lot more understanding if they’ve received an email or update explaining how you’re shifting to remote work and what that looks like for you.

Address the current times, but remember that not all of your content needs to be focused on the trying times we’re facing. People are still looking to feel good, invest in themselves, and improve their lives as they move into a new routine. How can your business and your products be part of that while empathizing with what your consumers experience?

Consistent updates and inspiration tell your clients that you’re here, you’re adapting, and you know what? You’re better than ever. You have so much to offer them in your new virtual reality.

2. Think big picture with revenue streams.

This might mean opening your mind to something new.

Consider which aspects of your business could shift to an online or virtual platform or format. What changes would you have to make to offer virtual meetings or consults? If you’re already shipping products, what can you offer in order to increase the incentive or value for your customers?

One big obstacle in losing physical connection with your customers is not having that personal touch. By ensuring they know you’re still there and offering some aspect of personal care, you’re reminding them of the value of your expertise and adding value to your product.

3. Go back to your roots.

This is a great time to sit down with your brand standards or assets and ask “Who are we?” Why did you start your business? What unrealized dreams do you have for expansion? What keywords represent who you are as a company and how do those tie into your future at a time like this?

One easy mistake is getting so caught up in adapting that you lose focus of the why. Who are you and why do you matter to your community and your consumers? How will you build into these new ideas without sacrificing the brand identity that you’ve built slowly and intentionally? That’s a great place to rebuild from.

4. Build bridges with other businesses.

It’s remarkable to realize how unified we all are right now, in our shape-shifting as small businesses and entrepreneurs. Building community may look like partnering with a similar business to exchange ideas, or may be as practical as offering a joint service.

One startup in Los Angeles has effectively banded together all the businesses in their shopping complex to offer one easy pickup location. Customers purchase unrelated products from stores online – red wine, a pair of socks, gourmet pizza takeout, and some magazines – and they’re conveniently packaged together at one pickup location. In the past, it was difficult for diverse businesses like this to partner. This marketing climate means that those of us who band together can open doors together.

What could be a surprising integration or partnership opportunity for you? The answer might lie in the unexpected. Make some calls and see what’s possible!

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series. Next we’ll show you how to step outside the box to build creative, exciting solutions.