It’s time for our second instalment of “The women who rule”, a Victory Blog series that gives you, our loyal readers, the chance to get to know the women that make up the Victory Media team. From their day-to-day, to their hopes, dreams, and skincare routines.

Today, meet Victory’s Director of Operations, Sara Douglas. A fast-talking, emoji-loving, adventure seeker, Sara keeps us all on task and on our toes. With energy levels that rival even the most caffeinated amongst us, we know we can count on her for enthusiastic motivation, inspiration, and praise (complete with those emojis we just mentioned) when we need it most.

Victory Media, The women who rule, Sara Douglas

Fast Facts

Name: Sara Douglas
Job Title: Director of Operations
City: Vancouver, BC
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Years at Victory: 2.5 (but really, who’s counting?)

1. How would you describe your role at VICTORY?

Other than the one who uses too many emojis? I do a little bit of everything, but mostly I love to research and increase efficiency within our team! I try to find new outlets and programs to help us be as efficient and therefore as helpful as possible to each of our clients. I fall under Operations, so making sure that we have functioning systems and procedures in place is my jam.

Victory Media, The women who rule, Sara Douglas

2. Walk us through a day in the life of Sara.

I try to start my day with something peaceful. As I am on West Coast time, it is so easy to just jump right into work, but I find that if I’m a little bit more mindful before I begin I’m much more efficient throughout the day. I try to do some morning yoga or go for a walk and take in the neighbourhood. I then usually spend some time responding to what needs attention, and then planning out the rest of my day based on my to-do list and goals for that particular week. I am a diehard fan of the New York Times, so every day around noon, while I’m making my lunch, I listen to the daily (The New York times daily news podcast) with Michael Barboa – ask anyone in my life, I’m obsessed. The afternoons are a tiny bit quieter as the East Coast team has gone home for the day, so I enjoy that as my deep work time. I can strategize and plan with a little bit more focus!

Victory Media, The women who rule, Sara Douglas

3. Tell us your favourite, and least favourite, thing about working from home.

I love working from home as I’m able to spend more time in deep focus, as opposed to the little distractions that can come up at the office. I appreciate the endless supply of my favourite tea that is available within 6 feet of my desk – simple pleasures right? I also love working from home because I’m more of a kinaesthetic learner, so I tend to come up with my best ideas when I’m standing and moving – hence why I have a standing desk. I think the hardest part about working from home is the lack of co-workers in your vicinity. It can get a little bit lonely, but it just requires you to plan human interaction a bit more diligently!

4. How would you describe the aesthetic marketing industry to someone who’s new to this world?

The aesthetic marketing industry is a fascinating one because it’s so personal for each individual who interacts with the clients we represent. The reasons people seek out aesthetic medicine are so intensely private for some, while for others it is very unassuming and incredibly natural in their everyday lives, so it’s an interesting marketing world. We have to work to find a balance and to be able to interact with different demographics in different markets.

5. Favourite social media network?

Instagram. No question.

Victory Media, The women who rule, Sara Douglas

6. What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

I think the two best pieces of career advice I have ever received were:

1. To always take responsibility. Taking responsibility forces you to re-examine how you’re engaging and interacting with your clients and your co-workers, and finding where your personal weaknesses lie. It’s impossible to get better if you’re not examining and re-examining how you go about things, and taking responsibility for things that you’re involved with is essential for that.

2. Just be kind to everyone you meet. Treating people as you would like to be treated is just the golden rule, whether it’s personal or business. You never know where people are coming from, how their day is going, what news they got that morning or what email they read before yours. I think it’s imperative to remember to approach every situation with kindness and understanding, because quite frankly that can get a bit lost in our current culture sometimes.

Victory Media, The women who rule, Sara Douglas

7. What’s on your bucket list?

I think the real question is what isn’t? If I am honest, it’s mostly travelling – and yes I’m aware of how cliché that sounds. I do however love feeling like I’m experiencing a tiny part of history in new places, of feeling small and unknown and like an outsider peering in and learning from people who have an entirely different life experience than I do. I think it’s vital for personal growth and pushes me outside of my comfort zone. Oh, and I would love to live in Europe for a year. And by would I mean I will.

Victory Media, The women who rule, Sara Douglas

Photo by Rob Nelson Photography

8. Share some of your favourite local hot spots.

Oh golly that depends on what you want to do! I am originally from Ontario, and so I have a running concierge list in my mind at all times for visitors. So, if you’re going to go pretty basic there’s the ocean and Kits Beach, they’re kind of hard to miss. The Stanley Park Seawall is naturally gorgeous, and an English Bay sunset is a must-see. The little sea-buses in Burrard Inlet are also super fun – a cute way to see the downtown skyline while moving on the water. Making your way to the east side and heading to a few local breweries, preferably by bike, is definitely a given. Obviously going for sushi is also a must – let’s not kid ourselves, you will probably go more than once. And heading over to the North Shore Mountains – which are often overlooked by visitors – is worthwhile!

Victory Media, The women who rule, Sara Douglas

9. Current Netflix addiction?

Ohhhh – I’m not much of a TV watcher but I did watch Big Little Lies recently, and it was magnificent!

10. What’s your skincare routine?

Whatever Kathryn tells me to use? But really, I have a pretty standard routine, I use a gentle cleanser and a BHA a few times a week for exfoliation, I will start back with my retinol in the next few weeks now that the sun has officially left the West Coast. I use a serum in the morning and at night, along with a moisturizer jam-packed with wonderful ingredients. I then top the whole thing off with a face oil – but that’s mostly for facial massaging fun – especially as winter air gets drier. And I refuse to leave the house without sunscreen – even if it’s just for a hot second! There is always a Sunforgettable brush in my bag!

Victory Media, The women who rule, Sara Douglas