Welcome back to “The women who rule”, a Victory Blog series that gives you, our loyal readers, the chance to get to know the women that make up the Victory Media team. From their day-to-day, to their hopes, dreams, and skincare routines.

Today, meet Victory’s Director of Social Media, Kathryn Sawers. Always calm, collected, and thoughtful, Kathryn keeps our clients’ social feeds up-to-date and on trend. As a certified aesthetician, she’s also our go-to gal for skincare secrets and serious complexion goals. Word to the wise? A one-on-one chat with Kathryn (about anything!) will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Victory Media, The women who rule, Kathryn Sawers

Fast Facts

Name: Kathryn Sawers
Job Title: Director of Social Media
City: Vancouver, BC
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Years at Victory: 4

1. How would you describe your role at VICTORY?

I am responsible for overseeing, creating and/or managing the social media content that Victory Media produces for its clients. That being said, we are a very close-knit team and we don’t operate in a hierarchal way. We are always looking for ways to make our work better, in order to help our clients achieve their goals. Everything we produce is the result of a wonderful and supportive team effort.

Victory Media, The women who rule, Kathryn Sawers

2. Walk us through a day in the life of Kathryn.

I wake up and immediately make myself an Americano – without fail. I often try to get an exercise class in first thing in the morning, like at around 6am or 7am so that I feel energized for the rest of the day. I also make a point of listening to The Daily podcast to stay updated on what’s happening in the world.

Throughout the day, I’m glued to my phone, checking emails, work communications and the Sprout and Facebook applications to see if there are any social messages or comments I need to respond to. My to-do list often entails planning social media calendars and content creation for the social accounts I manage.

My social life is pretty simple/low-key. I have a few very close friends that I spend my off-time with and our outings might include watching indie films, going to live shows, hiking, snowboarding or simply hanging out with a glass of wine.

Victory Media, The women who rule, Kathryn Sawers

3. Tell us your favourite, and least favourite, thing about working from home.

My favourite thing is that I can make myself as comfortable as can be – like wrapping myself up in a gigantic sweater I would never wear in public.

My least favourite thing is that I can get distracted by things I need to do around the house. If I find myself in that mode, I will often go and work from a coffee shop (and you know how much I love coffee!)

Victory Media, The women who rule, Kathryn Sawers

4. How would you describe the aesthetic marketing industry to someone who’s new to this world?

The aesthetic marketing industry helps educate and enlighten potential aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery patients about their treatment options. We unpack what can be an overwhelming and technical subject matter, making it relatable and appealing.

5. Favourite social media network?

At the risk of being unoriginal – Instagram.

Victory Media, The women who rule, Kathryn Sawers

6. What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

I would have to say that I often look to Tara for nuggets of wisdom. She is a wonderful leader! In general though, I think I’ve learned from experience that it is crucial to always be gracious in my interactions with people and when you are in a leadership position, you must never forget the influence you have on your team. An organization lives and dies by the quality of its leadership.

Victory Media, The women who rule, Kathryn Sawers

7. What’s on your bucket list?

I would love to plan a snowboarding trip to Japan.

Victory Media, The women who rule, Kathryn Sawers

8. Share some of your favourite local hot spots.

Vancouver has SO many great places to eat that it’s hard to pick even just a few favourites. Some of my standard haunts include Bao Bei, Brassneck Brewery, Nook, and Revolver Coffee.

9. Current Netflix addiction?

If it’s a Scandinavian crime drama I’m hooked! My brother often teases me that I don’t watch anything without subtitles… he’s not really too far off the mark haha! I recently watched the German series ‘Dark’ and loved that.

10. What’s your skincare routine?

As a certified aesthetician, my routine is kind of insane by most people’s standards. I love trying new products and keeping my skin at its best with the least invasive means possible. I am currently using a mix of Dermalogica and Tata Harper products with a few more products from Caudalie thrown in for good measure. One of my standards that I swear by is using an oil cleanser at night to remove makeup, pollution and other impurities. I love the new nightly lip treatment from Dermalogica too! Basically, my mantra is that there are no miracles, and all the little day to day skincare habits and extra effort I make will add up to beautiful skin that ages well.

Victory Media, The women who rule, Kathryn Sawers