Welcome back to “The women who rule”, a Victory Blog series that gives you, our loyal readers, the chance to get to know the women that make up the Victory Media team. From their day-to-day, to their hopes, dreams, and skincare routines.

Today, meet Marketing Account Manager, Alyssa Dubé. With a knack for the written word and a penchant for perfectionism, Alyssa is our resident quality assurance queen – nothing goes out the door without her expert eyes on it. Alyssa can always be counted on to make sure our writing is top notch, our feeds have just the right number of Friends quotes, every birthday (and most regular days) are celebrated with gusto, and all VM babies (and puppies for that matter) receive the emoji enthusiasm they deserve.

Victory Media, Alyssa Dubé

Fast Facts

Name: Alyssa Dubé
Job Title: Marketing Account Manager
City: Ottawa, ON
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Years at Victory: 2

How would you describe your role at VICTORY?

As a Marketing Account Manager, I’m responsible for developing marketing strategies for our wonderful clients – and putting them to work. These overarching strategies include everything from monthly newsletters and blogs to print advertising and social media campaigns. My true love is content—I’ve loved to write since, well, forever—so the days I get to spend writing blogs, website content, clever slogans and catchy captions, both for our clients and for Victory’s own channels… those are the best days.

Victory Media, Alyssa Dubé

Walk us through a day in the life of Alyssa.

After hitting my trusty snooze button once or twice (I’m really not a morning person), I head to the kitchen, put on a pot of coffee (coffee helps with the whole “not being a morning person” thing) and make myself some breakfast – usually while listening to a podcast. I take a peek at my inbox to make sure nothing urgent has come up while I was getting my beauty sleep, and then I like to spend a few creative hours in the morning working on the projects that need my undivided attention. This is where living in the Eastern Time Zone comes in handy; by the time the West Coast team is up and at em’, I’ve already had a handful of hours to myself. The afternoons usually involve any combination of phone calls, e-mails, editing, more editing, exchanging funny memes with the gals, and keeping up with the latest industry news.

I try to get to the gym most days. I started going to OrangeTheory Fitness about a year ago, and I’m obsessed – I love having an hour to myself, where checking my phone or email just isn’t an option. On the days I don’t get to the gym, I try to get out for a walk (easier said than done in the dead of Ottawa winter, let me tell you).

My evenings are pretty low key, for the most part. You can usually find me at home watching TV with my hubby Sean, or spending some QT with a friend.

Victory Media, Alyssa Dubé

Tell us your favourite, and least favourite, thing about working from home.

My favourite thing about working from home is the dress code: track-pant-chic.

In all seriousness, working from home allows for a flexibility that just isn’t possible in an office setting. If I’m not feeling inspired, it’s easy to take a quick walk around the block and come back feeling refreshed. I also have full control over my workspace, which means no distractions, and lots of snacks.

The worst part? Honestly, it’s that I have the most amazing co-workers (seriously, these gals are somethin’ special), but we don’t get nearly enough face time!

Victory Media, Alyssa Dubé

How would you describe the aesthetic marketing industry to someone who’s new to this world?

Aesthetic medicine is so fascinating to me – it’s the perfect combination of art and science, and it can really change a person’s life. It’s our job to help people make informed choices about products, treatments, and even surgeries that have the power to change their outlook or improve their self-esteem (think breast reconstruction, or holy-grail acne treatments). We’re so proud of the clients we represent, so it’s really an honour to help patients find their way to these amazing teams and providers.

Favourite social media network?

I know you’re tired of hearing this by now, but it’s Instagram, no contest.

Victory Media, Alyssa Dubé

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever gotten?

Tara (my favourite wisdom-spouting guru) often reminds me to just trust myself and be confident in my work. It sounds simple, but it’s so important to do work that you’re proud of, and then stand by it – easier said than done sometimes. Also, if you can control it, surround yourself with good, supportive, positive people. It’s hard to be inspired in the company of negativity.

What’s on your bucket list?

Some days my bucket list feels more like a bucket novel (so many things to do and see!), but if I’m being honest most of the big ticket items are travel related. I won’t even try to list all of the places I want to see and experience, but I would LOVE to keep crossing them off my list in the company of my family and friends (and of course, the best travel buddy, my husband Sean). Seeing more of Canada has been on my mind a lot lately, and I’d really love to visit and work from Australia or New Zealand for a month or so… someday.

Career-wise, I’d love to be someone’s mentor one day. I’ve had some good ones, so I’d love to pay it forward.

Victory Media, Alyssa Dubé

Victory Media, Alyssa Dubé

Wedding photo by Kerry Ford Photography.

Share some of your favourite local hot spots.

I’m a sucker for a good coffee shop (a hazard of remote work, since coffee shops are a good source of human contact), and some of my Ottawa favourites are Origin Trade, Quitters Coffee, and The Grounds Cafe. There’s a little restaurant near the University of Ottawa campus called The Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill, and they serve the best eggs benedict in town – you heard it here first! Of course, Art Is In Bakery (get the avocado toast!) and Suzy Q Doughnuts (three words: maple bacon donut) are Ottawa staples for a reason.

Am I supposed to include things that don’t involve food and drink? Hiking in Gatineau Park is one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon. Follow that up with a visit to Nordik Spa-Nature, and you’ve got yourself the perfect day.

Current Netflix addiction?

I’m a big time Netflix repeater. I know there are so many incredible new shows to watch, but somehow I find myself watching Friends, Gilmore Girls, and Grey’s Anatomy on loop. What can I say … these are the classics.

What’s your skincare routine?

Now that I’m *gasp* nearing my thirties, I’m realizing the importance of finding a skincare routine that works for me. I’m still experimenting and finding the products that treat my skin best, but I’ve become religious about the basics: I wash my face every morning and night, I wear sunscreen every day, and I drink tons of water (like, tons of water). I’m still working hard to learn about the latest and greatest tricks and treatments, but I’ve found a few staples that I love: SkinCeuticals Vitamin C serums and sunscreens (their Physical Matte UV Defense is tinted and better than foundation), Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer (with SPF), my Clarisonic, and any masque that makes me feel like I belong at a high school slumber party.

Victory Media, Alyssa Dubé