In the world of blogging, we are constantly searching for ways to make ours seem more appealing and interesting. Here are a few tricks to really spice things up.

1. Challenge yourself.

Write about something that intimidates you. We learn so much that way, and it will allow you to be more comfortable about serious topics you previously were unsure of. It’s one of the best ways to grow creatively.

2. Get visual.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be creative or artistic, we can all become inspired by something. Try doing an image source on a search engine and keep an open mind. Pinterest is great too!

3. Keep a journal with you.

We get an idea when we least expect it. Always have a way to jot it down, whether it is in a journal, your smart phone or even a napkin. You never want a great idea to escape you!

4. Change of scenery.

If you are constantly working within the same four walls, you could be limiting yourself. Wifi is everywhere now! Take advantage of it. Go find a quaint coffee shop and tuck yourself into a corner with your laptop.

5. Take a risk.

Taking a risk can be very rewarding, but also allows you to be vulnerable and face the possibility of failure. We always learn and grow from something that doesn’t work out, so take a leap of faith and try something new!

6. Practice.

Practice makes perfect. The first blog post you write may not feel like your best work, but you tried. Try again tomorrow, and the next day if need be!